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Say goodbye to all Forex Trading complications

  • No More Spreads
  • No More Dual Pricing
  • No More Margin
  • No More Slippage
  • No More Costly Errors
  • No More Complication

GWAZY is a new revolutionary trading method

Say goodbye to Spreads, Dual pricing, Margin, Leverage, and all other complications .

Fully Managed Risk

Your Profit/Loss is pre-determined so you do not have to worry about your account being wiped out with a single trade

Easy, Fast, & Exciting

Regardless of your previous trading experience, you WILL master trading in less than 5 minutes

Brilliant Market Watch

A ground breaking market watch indicator clearly displaying the market direction making your trading decision a walk in the park

Eagle View Dashboard

All the information you need are at your disposal as soon as you login  

Full Transparency

What you see is what you get.  You reach the target price, you get your profits.  It is that simple

One Click Trade Copy

Duplicate any open trade easily and quickly with one-click trade copy function