The forex market is currently estimated to have a daily in trading volume of 5.3 trillion. It is said that ‘In three days foreign exchange turnover is sufficient to cover world trade in a year’. This extremely profitable market is responsible for making some people very rich. Here are just three of the greats:

 Livermore  Paulson  Soros
Jesse Lauriston Livermore John Alfred Paulson George Soros
(1877-1940) (1955-Present) (1930-Present)
One of the most famous traders in the 20th century is Jesse Lauriston Levermore. What makes Livermore famous is that he had predicted the 1907 stock market crash, as well as the one of 1929 which was considered to be the most significant economic event in the U.S. during the 20th century. After his trades in 1907 and 1929, Livermore was worth $3 and $100 million respectively.


A head fund manager and is the founder and president of Paulson & Co. Paulson placed his name in the elite of the financial world in 2007 after his fund made $15 billion, through the usage of “credit swaps”
to effectively sell short the US subprime mortgage lending market. According to Greg Zuckerman, Paulson’s trade is “the greatest trade ever”. This can be supported by the fact that he made a trade on the largest economic event for the last 80 years and he was successful by making a unique prediction.
George Soros is the chairman of Soros Fund Management. He is probably the most well-known trader as he is “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England.” In 1992, Soros made $1 billion profit by short selling 10 billion worth of pound sterling.


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