GWAZY Ltd Enhances their White Label with Exciting New Features for Brokers.

The new features of the GWAZY Brokers solution seem to have already captured the interest of several FX and Binary options brokers.

GWAZY Ltd, the genius company behind the innovative GWAZY trading method and platform has announced that it has now launched several new exciting features for its GWAZY Broker Solution.

The first main addition is the brand new API which allows brokers to have a complete automation for creation of accounts, client transfers to and from their accounts, report generation and easier account management. Thanks to the new API, brokers will be able to spend less time handling paperwork and more time finding ways to attract new leads.

The second addition, also very beneficial to brokers, is the introduction of lead nurturing on the GWAZY league, helping brokers to understand where their leads are coming from and how to increase conversions. The new phone verification tool will also help brokers with their verification processes, enabling them to focus on ‘hot’ leads instead of random contacts.

The third is the addition of three new videos in the Video library section. New videos include how to use the ‘Copy’, ‘Support’ and ‘Close’ features on the platform which can help traders maximize their profits and have an even better control over their open investments.

Last but surely not least, the platform is now also available in the Polish language, in order to meet the increasing demands of that market. This means that the platform is now available in five languages in total, including English, Chinese, Arabic and Persian.

Brokers can have a look at GWAZY through a free demo of the GWAZY trading platform or the GWAZY League to see what else GWAZY offers them and their traders.

About GWAZY Ltd.

GWAZY Limited (Ltd) is the technology provider, developer of the GWAZY Trading Platform, the GWAZY Trading Method and the GWAZY League.

The GWAZY platform can be mastered in less than 10 minutes, regardless of the background of traders. GWAZY was created to provide traders with all the benefits of margin trading but without the complications, by incorporating various trading principles into one fast and robust trading method, making trading easier than ever.





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