Gwazy trading has been referred to as the ‘Superior Binary’ ‘the latest innovation of trading’ and the method that ‘Binarized forex’ this is because GWAZY was designed to be a trading method that overcomes the obstacles of other trading methods.

In this article we will evaluate the main attributes to the GWAZY trading platforms success in comparison to Binary Trading.


Binary: Trades are opened at an option price which is a calculated price that can be up or down from the current market price. Usually if the market is trending up, the price is given below.

GWAZY: The entry price is the real market price provided by the platform

Why does it matter? Manipulated pricing means that market analysis and reaching your target are much more unrealistic and that your profits are minimize

Profit Criteria

Binary: Make the correct prediction at the time of the expiration  

GWAZY: Make a prediction, hit the target and receive instant payout.
Why does it matter? Let’s say you take a day option you may hit the target 10,20,30 or 40 times in that day but still no money! The result that matters is the result at the expiration of the option. Trading in this manner can be frustrating especially if the option is about to expire and you just miss the target a few moments later. With GWAZY trading you instantly get the money when your target is met.

Exit Points

Binary: Buy Me Out – Binary gives you the option to ‘sell’ the option before the expiry but that is always at a loss.

GWAZY: Close The Trade – With GWAZY you start making money when the market moves in your direction and every price move towards your predicted direction is a profit simply because you can close a position at any time without any penalties. The payout price moves constantly and allows you to see exactly how much you are making on each individual trade. Having the right to exit at 0 cost whether the market direction is in your favor or not is a big advantage.

Why does it matter? Because when the market is moving against your prediction you need a way out. If you see your trade making a loss with GWAZY you can cut those loses with no penalties making it a much fairer way to trade.

“GWAZY is an innovative and even (wow) entertaining” Maria Nikolova,

Market Sentiment

Binary: The Trader Choice Bar – Platform feature showing you how many trades in the past week were made in a certain instrument
GWAZY: The Trend Bar – The Trend bars are actual representations of the target levels reached for each trader’s preference.
Why does it matter? You’re working on seconds even minutes but the trader’s choice bar gives you data a week old!! The GWAZY trend bars are a factual market movement tool which provides traders with real market data.

In conclusion: Binary is binary and by definition binary means 2 simple results: either you win or you lose. It’s a guessing game; you are always hooked to the expiry if your prediction was correct you’re in the money. GWAZY however, is all about real market moves that generate the profits or losses in a very transparent way; there is limited risk and a predictable return that can reach as high as 200%.

Try it yourself on the GWAZY League where you play learn and earn!

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